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About me

I'm soren121, a Canadian programmer who specializes in website development and design, although I'm starting to get into desktop and mobile application development as well. This site serves as a hub for all of the stuff I do. I hope you find something of interest to you here.

Map of my Internets

I'm almost everywhere on the Internet, usually under the name soren121. Here's some of the places you can find me regularly:


LightBlog is a PHP/SQLite blogging platform that puts a high emphasis on ease-of-use and design.


SnowCMS is a content management system, with its core system written in PHP, by the SnowCMS Dev Team.


TI-83/84+ Programs

A collection of small TI-84+ programs I've written to pass the time in class. Nothing too special here.


Misc. Scripts

Here you can find small scripts and programs I write, usually for my own selfish reasons.


A simple Twitter client, written in Python. My pet project, growing in features regularly.


Debian Packages

A few Debian packages I've compiled, all for Debian Squeeze/Crunchbang Statler.