Current & Past Projects


A lightweight PHP/SQLite blogging platform that's an on-and-off hobby project of mine. It's meant to be lighter and easier to use than WordPress and especially more performant on free or shared hosts.


From September 2014 to August 2015, I developed Yodel, a third-party Windows Phone app for Yik Yak written in JavaScript with WinJS. Yodel amassed 30,000 users before I discontinued its development at Yik Yak's behest.

WGamemode 2

A plugin for the Spigot Minecraft server that allows server operators to set automatic gamemode rules for WorldGuard regions.

Skills & Experience

Work Experience

Lead Backend Developer

Friendsy (June 2015 — present)
  • Duties included developing new API features for mobile clients, maintaining & scaling our infrastructure on AWS, and optimizing existing server-side code.
  • Over two weeks, I rewrote our Chef configuration scripts and optimized many of our most-hit codepaths, which caused the average app start-up time to drop from 350ms to 75ms.
  • I developed a number of internal tools to help my coworkers and myself manage the Friendsy platform easily and more efficiently.
  • I also created our unit-testing suite from scratch as an intern during the summer of 2015.

Technical Experience


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